It does not work without YOUR input


Before a new medicinal product is introduced to the market, safety, efficacy and tolerability have to be tested. YOU have the experience with your product and we have the experience how to bring YOUR product to YOUR planned market.  

LaNova Consulting one step ahead
LaNova Consulting                             one step ahead

How LaNova Consulting measures Success

Our Key Performance Parameters


  • Number of identified new experts
  • Number of visits to new or established experts
  • Number of external presentations given
  • Number of internal presentations given
  • Number of conferences planned and supported
  • Number of publications supported

Has supported a web presence for a therapeutic area

Has given at least two training sessions to sales force

Has established contact to a professional society

Has had a face-to-face conversation with a leader of a patient group

Has initiated a continuing medical education program for physicians

Our Soft Factors


  • Positive remarks from the marketing department
  • Positive remarks from the sales force reps
  • Positive remarks from external experts
  • Positive remarks from other stakeholders
  • Encouraging conclusions in publications


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