Bavarian Parliament Meeting

Our CMO was invited by the CSU to a Meeting at the Bavarian Parliament on 17th of November 2022, how integrative medicine can be further advanced in Bavaria and how existing initiatives in Bavaria can be networked more closely is what a number of high-ranking doctors, chair holders and experts have now discussed at an internal parliamentary group hearing in the Bavarian state parliament.

The landscape for integrative medicine in Bavaria is growing steadily: A research focus of the University Hospital Augsburg, which was founded in 2019, and the medical faculty in Augsburg is the area of environment and health (university outpatient clinic environmental medicine).

In Bamberg, the Clinic for Integrative Medicine and Naturopathy at the Klinikum am Bruderwald combines the various areas of nutrition, exercise, phytotherapy, etc. into a comprehensive healing process for the patients.

In Bad Kissingen, the Institute for Evidence-Based Health Resort Medicine and Health Promotion (IKOM) supports the health resorts and spas in Bavaria in systematically expanding their offers. “People and patients in Bavaria want both: conventional medicine and integrative medicine. It is therefore important and right to network the various actors even more closely with each other, especially research with the resident doctors, and to set new impulses through additional chairs and research institutes. We will continue the exchange of experts regularly in the future,” announced Bernhard Seidenath, health policy spokesman for the CSU parliamentary group.

For the summary of the Bavarian Parliament meeting find LINK