LaNova started a co-operation with the Institute of Balneology v. v. i. in Karlovy Vary

LaNova is negotiating a research and cooperation contract with the Institute of Balneology v. v. i., located in Karlovy Vary.

The Institute of Balneology is a public research institution established in 2019 by the Karlovy Vary Region. The aim of the institution is to renew research in the field of balneology in the Czech Republic. Research projects focus mainly on the investigation of the objective effects of spa treatment on the human body and research of natural healing resources.

On 11.08.2022 they met at the district office in Wunsiedel with the Land Councillor Peter Berek, who is also the President of the Bavarian part of EUREGIA EGRENSIS and the 1st President of the Bavarian Spa Association. Also present were the “Healthy Region Plus” office of the Wunsiedel district, the “Healthy Fichtelgebirge” and the Euregia offices from Marktredwitz and Karlovy Vary.