It does not work without YOUR input


Before a new medicinal product is introduced to the market, safety, efficacy and tolerability have to be tested. YOU have the experience with your product and we have the experience how to bring YOUR product to YOUR planned market.  

LaNova Consulting one step ahead
LaNova Consulting                             one step ahead


In the exciting, expanding industry of clinical research and development, there are extensive leadership opportunities for properly prepared personnel in the key areas of clinical development, regulatory affairs and project management.


Our Tutors and Trainers offers a comprehensive program and courses that prepares its graduates to advance in, transition to, or enter a career in the challenging, rewarding and highly regulated field of clinical research and clinical development in the biomedical industry.


The courses provide access in the classroom to industry experts, enables valuable interaction with other students, and accommodates the time restraints of busy professionals with its flexible schedule of one 6-hours sessions.


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