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Before a new medicinal product is introduced to the market, safety, efficacy and tolerability have to be tested. YOU have the experience with your product and we have the experience how to bring YOUR product to YOUR planned market.  

LaNova Consulting one step ahead
LaNova Consulting                             one step ahead

Market Access to the GCC Region

The Middle East pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare market is expected to grow at rates double that of the global markets. These emerging markets, therefore, make for an attractive business opportunity for new entrants to the region as well as for existing multinationals already present in the region to further grows their portfolios. This helps to compensate for slower growth rates in the more developed markets.


The existing agents in the region are set up to provide a service for delivery of product to the point of sale, essentially a distribution/wholesale function. However, the distributors are not fully geared-up or experienced in delivery of marketing, medical, regulatory, pricing, sales or commercial functions to support the brands effectively.


The current model in the Middle East therefore can be limiting for many potential entrants to the region. For those companies who are already marketing their brands through distributors in the region but on an ‘export basis’ from home base do leave significant potential business untapped due to the shortfalls of the current distributor setup.


LaNova helps fills this gap in the market with its expertise, experience and infrastructure.

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