LaNova is participating in an European consortium on Hop-on facility in Horizon Europe.

In the frame of the Hop-on facility, set up by the European Commission to increase the participation of widening countries to Horizon Europe projects, we’re joining the msGUIDE project.

The main objective of msGUIDE is to develop and validate an innovative fluorescent endoscopic system to gain insight into local drug distribution and concentrations and identify drug target cells using novel biologicalspecific fluorescent drugs. The hardware development of the novel endoscope is driven by the academic coordinator of the project, Helmholtz Munich and French SME Statice. It will be validated in IBD patients at the University Medical Center Groningen.

In the longterm, the new endoscope will revolutionize the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) treatment and lead to efficient personalized medicine for IBD patients, optimization of early drug development and assistance to patient stratification.

Context: Inflammatory Bowel Disease and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract affect 2.5Mio patients in Europe causing costs of ~€10 billion annually in the EU. IBD is associated with high primary non-response (30-60%) as well as a loss of response over time (48-58%) to drugs. Current IBD monitoring is performed with white-light endoscopy (WLE), which doesn’t provide insight into drug distribution and concentrations and cannot identify the drug target cells of inflammation.

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