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LaNova Consulting  appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities as well as our intent to earn the trustworthiness and a longtime business relationship with your clients.


a Medical Research Consulting Company with a wide international active network in academia and industry to cover the research needs of Pharma, Biotech and MedDev. Companies as well as Health Care Associations.


the following unique capabilities that allows LaNova Consulting to differentiate itself in Pharamcovigilance, Clinical Trials, Health Economics and Market Access in Europe and the GCC Region.


Our CMO was invited by the CSU to a Meeting at the Bavarian Parliament on 17th of November 2022, how integrative medicine can be further advanced in Bavaria and how existing initiatives in Bavaria can be networked more closely is what a number of high-ranking doctors, chair holders and experts have now discussed at an internal parliamentary group hearing in the Bavarian state parliament.

The landscape for integrative medicine in Bavaria is growing steadily: A research focus of the University Hospital Augsburg, which was founded in 2019, and the medical faculty in Augsburg is the area of environment and health (university outpatient clinic environmental medicine).

In Bamberg, the Clinic for Integrative Medicine and Naturopathy at the Klinikum am Bruderwald combines the various areas of nutrition, exercise, phytotherapy, etc. into a comprehensive healing process for the patients.

In Bad Kissingen, the Institute for Evidence-Based Health Resort Medicine and Health Promotion (IKOM) supports the health resorts and spas in Bavaria in systematically expanding their offers. “People and patients in Bavaria want both: conventional medicine and integrative medicine. It is therefore important and right to network the various actors even more closely with each other, especially research with the resident doctors, and to set new impulses through additional chairs and research institutes. We will continue the exchange of experts regularly in the future,” announced Bernhard Seidenath, health policy spokesman for the CSU parliamentary group.

For the summary of the Bavarian Parliament meeting find LINK

LaNova is participating in an European consortium

on Hop-on facility in Horizon Europe.


In the frame of the Hop-on facility, set up by the European Commission to increase the participation of widening countries to Horizon Europe projects, we’re joining the msGUIDE project.

The main objective of msGUIDE is to develop and validate an innovative fluorescent endoscopic system to gain insight into local drug distribution and concentrations and identify drug target cells using novel biologicalspecific fluorescent drugs. The hardware development of the novel endoscope is driven by the academic coordinator of the project, Helmholtz Munich and French SME Statice. It will be validated in IBD patients at the University Medical Center Groningen.

In the longterm, the new endoscope will revolutionize the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) treatment and lead to efficient personalized medicine for IBD patients, optimization of early drug development and assistance to patient stratification.

Context: Inflammatory Bowel Disease and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract affect 2.5Mio patients in Europe causing costs of ~€10 billion annually in the EU. IBD is associated with high primary non-response (30-60%) as well as a loss of response over time (48-58%) to drugs. Current IBD monitoring is performed with white-light endoscopy (WLE), which doesn’t provide insight into drug distribution and concentrations and cannot identify the drug target cells of inflammation.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

LaNova started a co-operation with the Institute of Balneology v. v. i. in Karlovy Vary


LaNova is negotiating a research and cooperation contract with the Institute of Balneology v. v. i., located in Karlovy Vary.

The Institute of Balneology is a public research institution established in 2019 by the Karlovy Vary Region. The aim of the institution is to renew research in the field of balneology in the Czech Republic. Research projects focus mainly on the investigation of the objective effects of spa treatment on the human body and research of natural healing resources.

On 11.08.2022 they met at the district office in Wunsiedel with the Land Councillor Peter Berek, who is also the President of the Bavarian part of EUREGIA EGRENSIS and the 1st President of the Bavarian Spa Association. Also present were the “Healthy Region Plus” office of the Wunsiedel district, the “Healthy Fichtelgebirge” and the Euregia offices from Marktredwitz and Karlovy Vary.

Social responsiblity 

For us within LaNova Medical social responsibility as an ethical framework in which individuals or corporations are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty and taking actions that will benefit society as a whole, has a key priority. Also, our ethic standards as a set of moral principles that govern our company’s or person’s behavior. Therefore, we had incorporate ethics into our daily actions, particularly those decisions that affect other people or the environment. Our code of social responsibility and ethical behavior which is established within our organization as well as during interactions with others outside of our company.

In 2016 we founded a foundation (Nadace St. Joachim – Stiftung Sankt Joachim). For more information please visit our foundation website: https://stjoachim.eu/

University activites

We are Internship location for students of the University of Hannover (faculty of Medical Information Management) and the Witten/Herdecke University (Medical faculty). Members of the LaNova Medical team are given lectures at the University of Hannover in the Bachelor and Master degree courses.


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